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Hunt PTO Update 9/10/12

Hey There Hunt Families - Hope you are settling into the new school year.  Sports try-outs are over and teams start practices and games this week.  Sports information can be found on the Hunt website or by contacting Wayne Pecor at  Have a great week.

Picture Day is TOMORROW!  (9/10/12)

Fundraising at Hunt  Welcome to Hunt for those of you that are new and welcome back to those of you that have kids in 7th or 8th grade. My name is Gabriele Baumann and I am on the fundraising team for the Hunt PTO (parent teacher organization). Last year through small and large contributions in time, effort or money we have met our fundraising goals to make significant improvements in the appearance of our kids' school and supported many events and activities.

Some of the most visible changes at Hunt are the new flower bed at the entrance, that gives the school a great new look, the granite benches and the newly painted entrance area. I think you can agree with me that we can be more proud of our school with this new look and a more welcoming entrance area reflects on the standards that the school sets for itself.

We have more plans for the front entrance area and set the goal for this fall to install a stone circle. This will be a unique space that our teachers and students can use for outdoor learning, waiting for after-school activities to begin or when waiting for rides home and for staff, parents and students to socialize. Presently this area, near the entrance of our Middle School, is overgrown and unsightly and there is no place for sitting down. Understanding the importance of pride in one's school, our PTO is dedicated to bringing this project to its completion. (scroll down for pictures of current and future look)

We can achieve change and improve our schools, as last year has demonstrated, the PTO just needs a little bit of help from you. I realize that everybody is already busy and some of you are concerned about time commitments - every little bit helps and we are always grateful for any support small or large, so please don't worry if you think you can't commit much - if everybody contributes a little bit the workload will be shared.

This time we need support for the upcoming Coffee Break Sale at the Williston I89 Rest Stops - more details below. We need some baked treats and if anybody wants to have some fun in selling goods please sign up for a 2 hour shift (or less). If you can only donate a few hot dog rolls or want to bake something...we appreciate it all! See list below. 

Gabriele Baumann
PTO Fundraising Chair

Here are the items we still need. Since we have both rest stops we need everything twice - you do not have to contribute for both sides - but you can:) :

Half&Half  - 2 x 1/2 gallon
hot dog rolls 6x16 (96)
bagels 2 x 12
cream cheese (individual cups from Costco) 24
cheese sticks (Costco?) 2 bags
relish-  2 bottles  
fruit for fruit cups:
strawberries- 2 pints
1 pineapple 
grapes - 2 bags
2 cantaloupes 
cups-  30
saran wrap
fruit yoghurts (Stonyfield, Danone) 24
donuts from Dunkin Donuts 2 x 12
scones 2 x 12
brownies 1 x 12
pound cake (sliced) 2
banana bread 2
zucchini bread 1 - 2
oatmeal raisin cookies 2 x 12
energy bars (Quaker?) 2 x 12
meat pies ? 
juice boxes 
small paper plates 
spoons, forks 
small plastic containers for items to sell "to go"

Supplemental Educational Services   Deadline September 14, 2012

Does Your Child Qualify?   According to the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), we are required to send this notice to all parents. However, in accordance with NCLB, only students who qualify for free / reduced lunch are eligible to apply for these services. In March, the Vermont Department of Education identified Hunt Middle School as a school in need of improvement based upon student performance on state NECAP tests administered in October 2011. Specifically, HMS did not make Adequate Yearly Progress in Reading and Mathematics for Free and Reduced Lunch students. We will receive technical assistance from the State Department of Education to support our improvement efforts.  As a result, the school is required to provide Supplemental Educational Services – extra academic assistance/tutoring to improve eligible HMS students' academic performance – free of charge. If you are eligible and choose to participate, you'll be able to select a program that best fits your child's needs. This letter will explain the new services, tell you how to access
them and also offer ideas about how you can be involved at HMS

Save the Date....
  • September 10 - Picture Day
  • September 15 - PTO hosting Williston Reststop fundraiser
  • September 20 - Hunt PTO meeting - 7pm
  • September 26 - No School - EID al-ADHA
  • September 27 - Open House for Parents at 7pm

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