Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hunt PTO Update 9/28/14

Hey There Hunt Families - Have a great week and enjoy our delightful weather!!!!

Hunt Middle School Principal's Coffee Friday, October 3rd from 8:10 until 9:00 A.M  Come to a meet and greet with Mr. Phelan - bring your burning questions too!

Parent/Teacher Conferences scheduled for October 15, 16.  All parents/guardians are encouraged to make an appointment to come in to talk about your child's progress and educational goals. Students are expected to participate in their conference.   Conferences can happen at any time - not just these two days...  Log onto to sign up on line or contact Theresa Barcomb at 864-8470 or

Hunt PTO Meeting change  Due to the Parent/Teacher Conferences scheduled for 10/16, 17, the October PTO meeting has been moved to Thursday, October 9th at 6:30pm in the library.

The Harvest Dinner is coming up on October 30th.  If you have never been, you are in for quite a treat!  This free event is a collaboration between students, staff, garden volunteers, Burlington Food service and Families.  Upwards of a 1000 students, families, staff and community members come to this event.  There is delicious food (much of it from the Hunt Healthy School garden!) prepared by Hunt students and volunteers, quality entertainment provided by students under the direction of Mr. Olzenac, student projects galore covering tabletops and great community spirit!  

Many students, staff and family members will take a volunteer shift to help with this event.  Opportunities include meeting and greeting folks in the lobby, helping during school hours to assist students in chopping/peeling veggies/cooking, set up of tables chairs before the event, serving families, scooping ice-cream/dessert, doing dishes, breakdown.  All volunteers will serve a shift and also have free time to enjoy the dinner with their families - Help us make this event a great success.  Contact Mr. Phelan to volunteer -

Did I mention that there will be reps from the USDA coming to cover the event and report out on our awesome program?

8 Ways to Make Sex an Awkwardness-Free Conversation Topic with Your Kids- click the links below if this is a topic you want to explore further...

One mother makes up for the gaps in sex education.

Did You Know That Hunt Has a Student 

Newspaper???  Find out if this is something your child might be interested in...  The Following is info from the Hunt Announcements :  The Panther Press needs videographers, writers, actors, and editors to make our digital online paper a success.  We plan to make videos of Hunt school activities, sports news, assemblies, Harvest Dinner, Student council, and much more.  If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology and Hunt news, please come to our meetings before and/or after school. RETN our public educational television station is also interested in airing our work. The hours for Panther Press are every Monday from 7am to 8am and the afternoon times are from right after school to 4:30.  Come to Mrs. Rossell's room C-17 to meet new people and join in the adventure of filming news.

Gardening and Landscaping At Hunt - If you are new to Hunt, you probably don't remember when the District worked on HMS, leaving the front entrance bare and uninviting - See the pictures below for an idea of what it used to look like out front.... Read below an invitation from our gardening committee.

The Hunt garden committee has been busy gearing up for fall! The planters were just changed over to beautiful  mums and a few new plants were purchased to fill in the side garden.  If you are new to Hunt, the garden committee is run by a group of volunteering parents who take care of the front and side gardens of the school. As you can see in the before/after pictures above, a lot of work went into transforming this space so that our students and faculty have a beautiful environment to enjoy.  Now that the gardens are established it is the goal of the garden committee to maintain this garden space spring through fall by weeding, watering and winterizing.  We would love some help watering if you have some time to spare! Other upcoming opportunities will be to help us clean up the beds and close up the gardens before winter. If you would like to volunteer to help in the gardens with us please send us an email below or come to the next PTO meeting.  Many hands make light work!

thanks, Kacey and Bella

Sports Schedule this week:  Unless stated, games start at 4pm.  H=Home, A=Away.  Transportation is provided to away meets.  Get directions to away meets on the Hunt sports page.  Note: There have been lots of changes lately - check the Announcements (on the Hunt website) before heading out to a match...


Save the Date!
  • October 3 - Principal's coffee with Len Phelan - 8:10am
  • October 9 - Hunt PTO Meeting (date change!) 6:30pm in the library
  • October 10 - Hunt Dance - 7-9pm
  • October 15 - Early Release (11:30)
  • October 15/16 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 16/17 - No School
  • October 30 - Free Harvest Dinner

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hunt PTO Update 9/21/14

Hey There Hunt Families - Hope to see many of you at Open House this coming Thursday.  This is a great opportunity to meet your child's teachers and Unified Arts Staff, poke around the classrooms and meet other parents sharing this strange, hormonal journey.

Hunt Open House this Thursday at 6:30pm.  Open House is for Hunt parents and guardians only.  Leave your middle school kids at home to do their homework!  It is unclear whether there will be childcare provided on-site.  If you need this information, call the front office to inquire at 864-8469.  

September PTO  We are grateful for the robust turnout at the first PTO meeting of the year. If September is any indication, looks like we could be shaping up to have another successful year connecting families with Hunt and funding enriching programs for Hunt students.  We hope YOU will join us in October.

We have elected several new PTO leaders for 2014-15 including Dasha Zentrichova as the Treasurer and Karen Berghorst as Secretary.  A Fundraising committee is taking shape and Gabi Baumann will be stepping back as Tammy Kuypers and Rebecca Padnos step up.  Tammy and Rebecca are requesting more parent support in planning fundraising activities.  The PTO likes to focus on events that raise money and community versus selling things.  The new fundraising team will meet in the next few weeks  - maybe you want to be there too?  Contact Gabi Baumann to find out when/where and how to be involved -

·         The Hunt PTO is in need of a President - or better yet, Co-Presidents!  Grab a friend and sign on as a team! Below is a list of expectations for this position: (some items can be shared with other PTO leaders)

  •    Monitor and respond to emails on Gmail account
  •    Check mailbox at school for checks/communications
  •    Promote PTO to parents, stay upbeat with a problem solving attitude -  stay out of gossip/complaining
  •    Publish meeting agenda on blog several days before the monthly meeting – solicit agenda items from Board several days prior.  Parents can respond to the agenda with additional items.
  •    Prep for monthly meeting  
  •    Manage Google Docs – filing of docs, soliciting of docs
  •    Connect with PTO leaders about projects, problems…
  •     Reserve rooms for events 
  •    Connect with Hunt Administration prior to PTO meetings to discuss any school/PTO issues
  •    Work on various PTO projects (per your interest!)
Please do consider this great opportunity to serve your school community. Contact Kate Belluche for more information -

Starting in October, meeting minutes will be posted on the blog following meetings.  For this month, here is a short rundown:

  • VT Idle Free Vermont looking for a few parents to sit on a committee with school staff - contact Len Phalen to inquire:
  • Idea brought up for Green Up type activities to happen periodically - finding lots of kid tossed wrappers around school yard and walkway to North Avenue.
  • Additional Locker Painting being scheduled this Fall with volunteer labor from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters employees
  • Principal breakfasts being scheuled - will be happening ~1x/month
  • Parents brought up sports communication and getting more accurate info concerning the sports calendar, last minute changes and if there are cancellations.
  • Question about breakfast rules mandating students choose 2 of 3 choices.  Some students may only want one thing but must choose 2.  Could there be a share table?  Maybe students just want to pocket the fresh fruit for later or to share with family.
  • Harvest Dinner starting to take shape for October 30th.  Students are already working on projects that will be featured at this school/community activitiy.  Some parent will be needed including: Set up of the gym, help in the kitchen with food prep, help with serving the meal, help busing tables, serving ice cream/dessert, help coordinating the efforts of student helpers.  We have already started to gather names of folks that want to sign up for a shift - if you want to be put on the list, email we will be in contact in the next few weeks.
  • We are currently switching Treasurer's and cleaning up some budget/finance questions.  The 2014-15 budget will be presented, discussed and voted upon at the October meeting

Did you know that Hunt has a Facebook page and that school and sports updates are made daily? Click this link to explore the page:  "Like" the page if you would like to receive messages in your feed

Sports Schedule this week:  Unless stated, games start at 4pm.  H=Home, A=Away.  Transportation is provided to away meets.  Get directions to away meets on the Hunt sports page.  Note: There have been lots of changes lately - check the Announcements (on the Hunt website) before heading out to a match...

Away Game Field Hockey w/ BRMS - B team first
Home Game Boys Soccer w/ Colchester-B team first - Boys not home, in Colchester
Away Game Girls soccer @ Colchester-B team first - girls not away, they are at home
 Open House - 6:30pm

Save the Date!
  • September 25 - Hunt Open House - 6:30-8pm
  • September 26 - Mathcounts meeting on Friday this week - 7:15am
  • October 15/16 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 15 - Early Release
  • October 16 - PTO Meeting
  • October 16/17 - No School
  • October 30 - Free Harvest Dinner

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hunt PTO Update 9/14/14

Hey There Hunt Families - I bet a lot of you were pulling out the cold weather clothes this weekend... I'm not quite ready for a season change - how about you?   Hope to see many of you at the first PTO Meeting of the year on Monday.  If you can't attend meetings but are still interested in being involved in school events (over and above reading the blog and checking the school website) let me know and we will be sure to keep you in the volunteering loop. (  Have a great week! Kate B.

First  PTO Meeting Tomorrow:  Monday, September 15th from 6:30-7:30pm in the Hunt Library - Agenda at the end of this post.  Please join us 6th, 7th and 8th grade families

MADRIGALS  The first Madrigals auditions will be moved to Thursday, September 18 to accommodate Hunt's sport schedule.   There will not be auditions on Monday, September 15th.  

MATHCOUNTS  First Mathcounts meeting of the year will be Tuesday, September 16 at 7:15 am, in room C-16....Ms. Snyder's room. Mathcounts is open to kids in grades 6-8 who are interested in math challenges and enrichment.  

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to engage middle school students of all ability and interest levels in fun, challenging math programs, in order to expand their academic and professional opportunities. Middle school students exist at a critical juncture in which their love for mathematics must be nurtured, or their fear of mathematics must be overcome. MATHCOUNTS provides students with the kinds of experiences that foster growth and transcend fear to lay a foundation for future success

Link to more info about Mathcounts:

BHS Season Pass Ticket Sales  2013 – 2014 - Are you a sports minded family that likes to support the high school teams?  Do you have a child moving on to BHS soon and want to introduce your family to what HS sports look like these days?  Just going to a few games as a family will pay for the Season pass!!!
Student              $20
Adult                  $30
Couple               $50
Family                $75
Not to exceed 4 people

Valid for entry to all BHS Home Varsity Sports including: Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Ice Hockey, Girls Ice Hockey, 2 Spring Track Invitationals

Not valid at playoff games when admission is charged by the Vermont Principal’s Association.

·         Approximately 50 games played at home for sports listed above
·         Attendance at any 8 or 9 games listed above pays for Season Pass
·         Proceeds to BHS Boosters
·         Checks accepted.  Payable to BHS BOOSTERS
·         List of pass holders with cash box in case person forgets pass

Want to purchase a pass???  Contact CJ Spirito at

Sports Schedule this week:  Unless stated, games start at 4pm.  H=Home, A=Away.  Transportation is provided to away meets.  Get directions to away meets on the Hunt sports page.

Burlington Girls Mini Metro Basketball tryouts
Mini-Metro is a competitive basketball league with teams from high school districts including 
Burlington, CVU, Colchester, St. Albans, Milton, Essex, Mount Mansfield, Missisquoi Valley, 
Montpelier, Lamoille, and S. Burlington.

Grades 5th / 6th - Sept. 30 & Oct. 2, 7 pm – 9 pm-Burlington High School  

Grades 7th / 8th- Sept. 23 & Sept. 25, 7 pm – 9 pm - Burlington High School

Each player is encouraged to bring their own basketball.

For more information contact Coach Chris Johnson / 233-6967

Visit our website:

Save the Date!
  • September 15 - 1st PTO meeting of the year - All are welcome!  6:30
  • September 15 - Student Council Meeting afterschool
  • September 18 - Madrigals Auditions
  • September 25 - Hunt Open House - 7-8:30pm
  • October 15/16 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 15 - Early Release
  • October 16/17 - No School
  • October 30 - Free Harvest Dinner

    September PTO Meeting
    9/15/14, 6:30 pm

    • Welcome, Introductions, Why PTO?- Kate Belluche
    What’s on your mind?  Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?
    • PTO Leadership - Kate Belluche
    • Treasurer’s report - 5 min –Dasha Zentrichova
    • Principal’s Corner – 10 min – Len Phelan
    • Harvest Dinner
    • Fundraising Update  - 10 minutes – Gabi Baumann
    • Hunt Sign Update– what’s left to do?
    Next Meeting:  Thursday, 10/16/14,  6:30-8pm