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Hunt PTO Update 1/9/2013

Thank you to all of the families, faculty and staff members who sent emails or came out to speak against the budget cuts proposed for HMS.  

Here is a brief message from Superintendent Jeanne Collins that was issued Wednesday night:

Tonight the Board passed a budget that is a 5.3% increase and adds back in the middle school specials, the Family School Partnership, and the middle school Community Outreach positions. All other cuts and additions remained the same.

If you are interested in joining parents/stakeholders from other 
schools to advocate for now PASSING the school budgetplease be in touch with Christopher Hood at Burlington Friends of Education. Christopher Hood:

More information on BFoE can be found here. 

The Hunt January newsletter is now available online.  
Read on to catch up on all of the news!

Also check out the NEW Hunt Athletics web page!!

Front Entrance Beautification Project

We have received another generous contribution for our Front Entrance Beautification Project. The Rotary Club has sent us a check in the amount of $300! With this money we will be able to buy the plants (bushes, grasses, rhododendron) for the stone circle in the spring. Many thanks to the Rotary Club Burlington! We appreciate this donation very much!

BHS Parent Focus Group on Topic of Diversity

If you have a high school student or 8th grader in your household, Burlington High School is seeking parents interested in exploring the topic of diversity - forming a new parent focus group. Please notify if you are interested in joining the focus group. 

What do our Graduates Need to Succeed? 

What do our Graduates Need to Succeed?

On a different but related topic, on Saturday, Feb 2nd. there will be a Community Learning Conversation about What do our Graduates Need to Succeed? If you would like more information please contact:

Interested in helping to re-imagine 
Student Achievement celebrations at Hunt?  

An achieving student!
Many families were upset to hear that Honor Roll celebrations had been 
suspended at Hunt.  Thanks to the many families that weighed in on the
 fall PTO communication survey, Hunt families will have a voice in helping 
to re-design these celebrations at Hunt.  
Do you have some ideas to share?  
Would you like to represent the parents at a meeting with 
representatives from the climate committee and the student council?
A meeting has been scheduled at Hunt for January 24th at 3:15pm.
Would you like to be part of this meeting?
Please email the with ideas or to 
represent parents needs at this important meeting - your 
participation is appreciated. 
If your family, like many BSD families, has experienced illness 
these past few weeks, here are some simple tips that can help
 us all control its spread:
Take the following simple precautions to help keep illness from spreading:
-- Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
-- Cough or sneeze into a tissue and then throw it away.
-- Wash your hands often, especially after you cough or sneeze.
-- Use alcohol-based hand wipes and gel sanitizers if soap and water      are not available.
-- Stay home from work or school if you are sick.
For more information visit
Update: The families of Hunt Middle School have collected 2 Full boxes of shoes and they have been mailed to ShoeBox Recycling to be sent to places in the world where recycled shoes are re-used. Keep up the great work!!
  • Each year, more than 300 million shoes are landfilled; how many of them could have been reused?
  • It takes more than 200 years for a sneaker to break down naturally in a landfill
Hunt Middle School is partnering with Shoe Box Recycling to recycle paired, wearable shoes. The shoes will be reused for individuals here in the U.S. and throughout the world.
This program provides affordable shoes to those in need such as those suffering from Hurricane Sandy and many others. This will keep used shoes out of the landfill, creating a cleaner and greener planet. Recycling shoes also creates micro-enterprises for individuals throughout the world, fueling local economies here and abroad.   
Shoes We Accept: 
* All paired men’s, women’s and kids shoes that are still usable. That means no holes in the soles and no wet or mildewed pairs. This includes athletic shoes, dress shoes, timberland type work boots, sandals, heels, flats 
Shoes We Don’t Accept: 
* Heavy Winter Boots, Skates, Blades, Flip-Flops, Slippers, Singles, Unusable, and Thrift Store Shoes. 
Where to bring your reused shoes? 
Place your reused shoes in the specially marked box ShoeBox Recycling found in the main lobby of Hunt School.  Questions or for larger pick-ups, contact Susan Rutherford at 951-2571 or  “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”
Want an easy way to support your PTO that doesn’t require volunteering and won’t cost you a dime? 
Save Box Tops for Education! 
Update: So far HMS has earned more than $180 through this Box tops project!  Please keep the box tops coming!
Here’s how to help:
**Box Tops for Education are on the packages of hundreds of participating products that you probably use every day. All you need to do is cut them off the box they are on, stick them in a baggie, and send them to school with your child. There is a container for the Box Tops in the main office. 
**Did you know that Box Tops are dated and cannot be used if they are past this expiration date?? 

Make yourself a note on your home or electronic calendar to send in those Box Tops!! Saving them is the first step. Sending them in before they expire is the next.
We will be collecting Box Tops all year long, so start saving and sending in your Box Tops today! The collection box will be located in the main office.
Thanks for choosing to support our school by collecting Box Tops!
Susan Rutherford
Volunteer Coordinator for Box Tops for Education
Hunt Middle School PTO
Hunt Middle School now has BOTH a Facebook and a Twitter account!  Interested Hunt community members or school supporters can go to the school website and link to either/both of these accounts:
If you "like" these pages, you will get notifications of events happening at the school, such as early closures, no school, sports cancellations, etc.  The Hunt middle school team is very excited to offer these new communication tools.  Their success depends upon families using them -- Please "like" these pages today to stay connected!  This is a GREAT way to get regular updates from your child's school.  
Save the Date...
  • January 11 -- School Dance
  • January 17 -- PTO meeting - 7pm in the library - Everyone is welcome
  • January 21 -- No School, MLK Day
  • January 25 -- Ghost Out Assembly (Drunk Driving Awareness)
  • February 2nd -- Jr. Iron Chef

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