Greetings all,


Last week was quite exciting (snow day included). The mayor was able to tour the high school, sit in on Ninth Grade Academy Classes, work with a variety of student staffers and learn about BHS from their eyes and broadly highlight the school in his media communication. On many fronts I would call that a success! We plan to continue this collaboration and communication with Mayor Weinberger's Office and appreciate that he devoted the week to Burlington Schools. It is critical to have a mayor know that the success of schools in a city affects the success of the city. I invite you to read the article in this issue of Spotlight, written about the week with the Mayor from the perspective of a BHS student.


THINK SUNSHINE AND DRY SKIES! Due to the March 19th snow day (our third this year), we are extending the student year to June 14th (half-day) for pre-k-8 and June 11th for BHS (they started earlier). June 17th -19th are Inservice Days pre-k-8 (BHS ends June 17th with the intro to a weeklong SDI). Check with your principal for details on those days.

The FY14 Calendar has been approved by the Board (on the March 12th Board Meeting Agenda: The approved calendar does remove the usual three-day weekend in October. The Board has asked for feedback from teachers and administrators on this last-minute decision and plans to reconsider this at a future Board Meeting, perhaps at the April 2nd Reorganizational Meeting.

The Board has also received a presentation that is being shared across Chittenden County regarding a vision calendar. This proposed calendar uses a seven weeks on / two weeks off model of teaching - same number of days, but chunked differently. The model can allow for professional development, time for reflection for teachers during breaks and remedial or extra intervention for students who need it along the way. Stay tuned for more information on this proposal.


A reminder as parent conferences happen over the next couple of days to discuss summer school with parents, if applicable. We know that many of our students lose academic ground over the summer and programs are in place to support these students. Contact Jeff Fournier with any questions about this process at Visit to access the SOAR Enrollment Form.

RUN (or WALK) TO WASHINGTON, DC with us on April 13th!
Are you playing a spring sport, running a spring road race or just trying to stay in shape?
If so, we want YOU to JOIN us!!

WHAT: Run or walk 1 mile laps on a course around Hunt Middle School, collectively covering 520 miles!

520 miles = distance from Burlington, VT to Washington, DC!

WHEN: Saturday, April 13th, 2013,    9 AM to 1 PM 

WHY: To raise money for Hunt’s Close Up Washington program which will take students to Washington, D.C. over April break.

HOW: Pay an admission price and run as many laps as you can! 

The GOAL is to reach 520 miles collectively 
(the distance from Burlington to D.C.!) 

Snacks and beverages will be provided for all runners!  
Gatorade, bagels with peanut butter or cream cheese,  Ben & Jerry's Rainbow sherbet, granola, oranges, bananas, cookies, crackers and hummus or cheese,  hot coffee and more!  Snack DONATIONS also welcome and gratefully accepted.  Run as much as you want and take as many breaks as you need.

Suggested entry donation: 

Students: $5 

Adults: $8 

Families: $15 max

Very ambitious students could also take DONATION FORMS and ask friends/family for donations per mile!

Contact: Siobhan Donegan or Raysa Ortega or

Phone: 864-0984

You can also let us know you are coming on Facebook: 

Save the Date...
  • April 5th - Pasta Dinner, 5:30 - 6:30 pm
  • April 5th - The Pajama Game performance, 7 pm (FRIDAY)
  • April 6th - The Pajama Game performance, 4 pm (SATURDAY)
  • April 11th - The SamosaMan!
  • April 11th - Heritage Dinner
  • April 12th - Report cards
  • April 12th - School Dance
  • April 13th - Run to Washington!
  • April 22nd - 26th - Spring Break - No School
  • May 10th - Student Achievement Day- more info to come for families