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Hunt PTO Update 4/16/14

Hunt PTO Update 4/16/14

The Hunt PTO and the Family School Partnership invite
You & Your Family to the


Thursday, April 17th       6:00 – 7:30 pm
In the
Hunt Middle School Cafeteria

******With Live Student Entertainment!******

Do you cook a recipe at home that reflects your heritage?  We would love to try it!

Please bring a Main Dish potluck item to share

We also encourage you to wear any clothing that reflects your heritage. (but please do wear clothing!)

Drinks, Salads, Rolls and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream will be provided!

During the Dinner we will also host a Title 1 Parent Informational Meeting.
There will be a table set up where you will be able to review:
·         The Hunt Home School Compact
·         The Burlington's District Parent Involvement Policy.

Your feedback is always welcome and important.

For questions or to help with the dinner contact Jennifer Sutton

 at 310-4998, or 

The Vermont City Marathon needs a WATER STATION in the NEW NORTH END.  They would like it to be organized by parents or faculty from one of the three neighborhood schools and staffed by students.  The marathon will be run on Sunday, May 25th at 8 am.  The water stop will be "open" from 9 am to 1:30 pm.  It will be located on the bike path at the end of North Ave and requires about 20 students to operate.  If you are interested, contact J.P. Gagnon at or


From Burlington Friends of Education

In case you're not on the Partnership for Change email list, we wanted to pass along this great editorial by Director Hal Colston. The headline says it all.
A Budget Is A Moral Document
by Hal Colston, Partnership for Change Director

A school district budget is reflective of public and collective priorities. A budget is a social contract. A budget is a moral document. As such, it must serve to advance our vision.

Recently, the Winooski/Burlington School Districts set about to create a joint vision to be “an innovative, collaborative, and equitable learning organization that inspires all learners to lead their communities to a dynamic and sustainable future.”

The Partnership for Change endorses this vision as it supports the Winooski and Burlington School Districts to create a student-centered, personalized, proficiency-based learning system that supports all learners in our communities to pursue excellence. We are fortunate that a 3.5 year, $3.7M grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, for which the Burlington School District acts as fiscal sponsor, provides us the opportunity to jumpstart our work. What we aspire to do can be accomplished more quickly and more effectively with this generous infusion of funding.

The Nellie Mae grant has allowed us to involve the many stakeholders in our community in defining the levers of change that will move our work forward. They are: family-school partnership; youth engagement and leadership; proficiency-based learning; community-based learning; and teaching and learning environments. It is through these levers that we will accomplish our mission and realize our vision.

Our school system is like an orchestra with many different instruments all adding value to the music that is made. Our schools bring together students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and community partners with one goal in mind: creating a score of music that allows all of our students to achieve success.
In my view, our public school education system is an investment in our future, our community. What are the goals and outcomes we expect of our schools so our community will thrive for all? Let’s remember that a budget is a moral document.

Hunt Gardens Update

Our beautiful front perennial garden, herb spiral, and stone circle garden are beginning to bloom again. If well taken care of, these gardens will continue to produce colorful perennial flowers and green shrubs and trees for years to come.

These gardens create a welcoming environment at Hunt and can help instill a sense of pride in Hunt students. The gardens act as a place of shade for those waiting for rides and as an outdoor classroom for all our students.

How can you help to keep the Hunt gardens in great shape for all to enjoy?

Volunteers are needed to cut last year's dry grass from the perennial grasses to allow for new plant growth. Help will also be needed to spread mulch and to water and weed during the summer. 

If you can volunteer any amount of time to keep the Hunt gardens looking great, please contact Susan at

**Hunt will need a parent liaison next year as our present parent liaison is the parent of an 8th grader and moving on to BHS next year. If you love to garden and are looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community, please contact Kate at or Gabi at

Summer Camp Opportunities
Kids4Peace Camp

Kids4Peace is looking for some amazing 12 and 13 year-olds (current 6th & 7th graders) to join our community!  It all starts with a two-week summer camp, August 7-17, at Windsor Hills Camp, Windsor, NH, with other Jewish, Christian & Muslim youth from Israel, the West Bank, NH and VT.  Learn about other religions and cultures, develop skills to be a peacemaker, meet Israeli & Palestinian youth and be part of a movement for lasting change.  Contact Camp Director Jeff Mandell to learn more (  New Hampshire camp application here.

Due to the additional snow day, one day has been added to the end of the school year. 8th grade Graduation/ Dance has been moved to June 10th. Last day for 6th and 7th grade will be June 11th with an 11:30am dismissal.

Save the Date!
  • April 17 - Heritage Potluck Dinner - 6-7:30 in the cafeteria - live student entertainment and free ice cream 
  • April 21st - 25th - April vacation - No School
  • April 28th - School starts up again
  • April 29th - First Track & Field meet at Essex High

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