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Hunt PTO Update 10/12/14

Hey There Hunt Families - Hope you had a lovely weekend!  Short week with picture re-takes on Tuesday and parent teacher conferences Wednesday and Thursday.  If you are not able to attend a conference this week, you are welcome and encouraged to meet with teachers in the next few weeks.  Contact Theresa Barcomb at 864-8470 or

Did you check out the October Newsletter yet?
In case you didn't get to it last week...  Here is the link again:

PTO meeting last week.  Minutes will be out by midweek, but in the meantime check out our Financial Report at the end of this post.  At present, it looks like we will be operating on a very lean budget this year.  The PTO is in need of parent volunteers to join the fundraising team - if we are not able to attract more parent involvement, we will only be able to help support some of the activities and opportunities usually offered to Hunt students via PTO funds.  Think you might be able to commit a little time to planning and executing some fundraising projects at Hunt?  Join the team!  Contact Tammy Kuypers at to inquire or volunteer.

We are also currently leaderless.  At present, we have a core leadership team consisting of a Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraiser and Blogger - we would like include a President in this line-up.  In November, the meeting will be faciltitated by a PTO parent volunteer but for the long term health of the PTO, a year long leader is ideal.  Below is a description of the President's duties.  Please contact Kate Belluche to inquire or volunteer

Job description: Hunt PTO President

·         Monitor and respond to emails on Gmail account       
       Promote PTO to parents, stay upbeat with a problem solving attitude -  stay out of gossip/complaining
Check mailbox at school for checks/communications
·        Publish meeting agenda on blog several days before the monthly meeting – solicit agenda items from Board several days prior.  Parents can respond to the agenda with additional items.
·        Prep for meeting – prepare agenda and make paper copies.  
·         Manage Google Docs – filing of docs, soliciting of docs
·    Connect with Flynn PTO leaders about projects, problems…
On Going:
·         Update calendar on blog
·         Reserve rooms for events

·         Work on various PTO projects 

Sports Schedule this week:  Unless stated, games start at 4pm.  H=Home, A=Away.  Transportation is provided to away meets.  Get directions to away meets on the Hunt sports page.  Note: There have been lots of changes lately - check the Announcements (on the Hunt website) before heading out to a match...

 Parent Teacher Conferences - noon dismissal

Save the Date!
  • October 14 - Picture Retakes (bring in originals if you want a retake)
  • October 15 - Early Release (12:00)
  • October 15/16 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 16/17 - No School
  • October 24 - Hunt Dance - 7-9pm
  • October 30 - Free Harvest Dinner
  • October 31 - End of first Quarter (report cards will be a "trick or treat!")

Hunt PTO Finance Report 2014-15

Checkbook balance 10/8/2014$15,444.37$15,444.37
Restricted Funds
Carryover for Entrance Project$2,011.73$1,797.03
Entrance Project 2014/15-included above$600.00$214.70
Bulying Assembly from 2013/14$200.00$200.00
Healthy city garden grant$1,500.00$0.00
Hunt Athletics$2,500.00$0.00
Team Nova grant$1,000.00$0.00
Team Synergy grant$1,000.00$0.00
Team Oasis grant$1,000.00$0.00
Team Phoenix leftover grant$200.00$0.00
West side story PTO donation$400.00$0.00
Hunt store - Ms Daigle$200.00$0.00
Minimum balance to keep in the account$2,000.00$2,000.00
Total Restricted Funds$12,011.73$12,011.73
Unrestricted balance$3,432.64$3,432.64
Harvest Dinner donations$300.00$0.00
Donations from annual appeal$350.00$0.00
Plant Sale$0.000.00
Yard Sale$0.000.00
Silent Auction$3,750.00$0.00
Wreath Sale Profit$0.00$0.00
Pancake Breakfast$450.00$0.00
Total Income$4,850.00$0.00
Total Income plus Unrestricted$8,282.64$3,432.64
Assembly Fees $1,200.00$0.00
Harvest Dinner $1,000.00$0.00
Graduation 2014 $400.00$0.00
Iron Chef $400.00$0.00
Bullying Assembly (2015) $200.00$0.00
Special Projects (paint for lockers) $400.00$434.00
Expenses Subtotal $3,600.00$434.00
Expenses Unable to finance w/o fundraising
6th Grade Orientation Social $100.00$0.00
8th Grade Field Trip $200.00$0.00
International Taste Test $0.00$0.00
Team Funds $2,000.00$0.00
Family Traditions Dinner $0.00$0.00
Healthy City Garden $0.00$0.00
Intergenerational Service Project $0.00$0.00
Food Baskets $0.00$0.00
Hunt Drama Program $400.00$0.00
Staff appreciation $70.00$0.00
Total Expenses$6,370.00$434.00
Income over expenses$1,912.64$2,998.64
Total with no fundraising 2014/15-$2,937.36
Highlighted yellow - Jen Sutton community outreach projects

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