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Hunt Blog - January 24, 2016

Happy 2016!
This may be the first you're hearing from us this year and if so, we apologize. Some technical difficulties are being resolved. Here's to a better blog posting this time.
Hey, at least we didn't get 30-40 inches of snow this weekend but maybe you wanted that!

From the Principal's desk
Here's the link to our new "HMS Digital Learning" section of our school's website:
We've posted some information and resources for students, families and staff here regarding our 1 to 1 program.
There is also a link to our YouTube channel entitled "Lyman C. Hunt Middle School Digital Stories" where a growing number of stories about our school and our work with educational technology and other efforts may be found.
This section of our website may also be accessed by clicking on the 5th tab from the top on the left-hand side of our school's main page.
Thank you very much and Happy New Year!



 An early dismissal note
Please send a note in with your child if possible when they know there is going to have an early dismissal. 
It's been a bit disruptive to classes when children have to be called in the classroom. 
Also remember that End of Day messages to their children need to be in the office by 2pm
Students go to workshops at the end of the day and have music lessons, etc.. 
It is very hard to find them at the last minute at the end of the day.
A huge THANK YOU for your help!

The Hunt School Play is coming...
Starlight Express 2016 Production Meeting!
  • Interested in learning more about Hunt Middle School's annual musical production? 
  • At this meeting you will get all the information about the production schedule and ways to get involved! 
  • Auditions will be the first week of February, so it's time to gear up for this exciting production!
  • We are still strongly encouraging permission slips to be turned back in by Monday January 25th, but will gladly accept paperwork through Friday 1/29. 
  • The goal is to have as many children participating who would like to!


Mark your calendar and reserve the date
for the Hunt Middle school annual!

Dance party at the St. John's Club in Burlington
9 Central Avenue (near Oakledge park)

This is an adult only party
February 13, 7:00-11:00pm
$20 per person/$30 per couple.

Last years dance was a blast, so don't miss the fabulous dancing, 
tasty appetizers & scrumptious desserts, all included in the ticket price.

Please invite your friends and neighbors - 
this event will be a mix of Hunt parents and all the other hip folks you drag along.
The invitation is posted  as a Facebook event, 
see the fun that was had in previous years. 
Invite your own friends through this page. 
Just add them where it says  ‘Invite Friends’ on the right side of the page.
You can also share the invitation sending out this poster, 
print it and put it up at work, your gym or anywhere appropriate.
Please help us spread the word!!! 
The more people we get to come, the more money we get in entrance fee, 
the more people to bid on the auction items and the more fun it will be!
There will also be a silent auction, 50/50 raffle, and cash bar.

ALL adults are welcome, not just parents of students in the play!! 
 Don’t forget your ID.
All proceeds from the dance benefit the 
Hunt Middle School Drama Club's 2016 version of Starlight Express.
Please purchase tickets in advance; limited number available.
Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door. Buy now! 
Contact Bella at for tickets or send a check made out to 
Hunt Drama Committee to the main office at Hunt Middle School, 1364 North Avenue.
 We will keep a list of names at the door.

xternal image Silhouette20Dancing20People.jpg
 January 2016 PTO meeting minutes
Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Rossman
1. Current checkbook balance ~ $12k.  Invoice from December wreath sale has not yet been paid. 
Paula will contact vendor to reissue it.  We made a profit of ~$1,200 on this fundraiser.
2. At next month’s meeting, we will review the Go Fund Me projects, and vote on funding.
3. Group voted on and approved $150 fund request from Shelly Waterman/Library for annual
subscription for audio books.
President’s Report – Paula Henry
1. We need additional support and guidance on completing the complex application for 501c(3)
status.  Paula will reach out to others in the district who may have experience.
2. The blog has been delayed since the last issue of Jan 3, due to a problem with Google.  It is being
addressed, and we plan to be back on a weekly cycle shortly.
Fundraising Updates
1. Pancake Breakfast – will provide at next month’s meeting.  Still on for Saturday March 12th.
2. Silent Auction – will take place alongside the pancake breakfast.  Looking for lots of volunteers! 
Need people to contact established list of vendors who have donated to the auction in past
years.  Will also need volunteers to mark items, set up the cafeteria the night before, and the
day of.  Lots of opportunities to get involved with the BIG fundraiser event!  Contact the PTO
email if you are interested in helping!
3. St. John’s Dance Party – this community-wide Adults only event is scheduled for February 13th at
the St. John’s club.  It has been advertised on Front Porch Forum and will appear in the next
North Ave News, and on the HMS facebook page.  This is a really fun couples’ night or ladies’
night out, and all proceeds benefit the school play.  Contact the PTO email for your tickets. Mark
Principal’s Report – Len Phelan
1. Title I meeting held prior to PTO meeting.
2. Budget – we may not have to make any cuts, but if we do it would be in World Language.
3. Grades close January 22nd with report cards going home January 29th.
4. Parent resources for the iPads have been updated on the HMS webpage.  These can be found in
the 5th tab down “HMS Digital Learning”.  There is a link to YouTube channel, TED talks, and
other helpful parent and family resources.  Check it out!
5. Students are in the midst of No-Name-Calling week.  There is a school climate survey that
students will take.  The results will be posted on the blog.
6. On early Wednesdays, due to the different lunch schedule, a morning snack is being added at 10AM
Other Business
1. Request was made to post if it is an A or B day on the school calendar.  This can be done.
2. The school Play – All students performing in this year’s Starlight Express performance will need
either rollerskates, rollerblades, or heelies.  We are accepting donations if you have any of these
items laying around your house.  An ad will be posted on FPF asking for donations of these items
as well.  Auditions are Feb 2-3, with crew sign-ups on Feb 9.  All students are welcome! 
3. A New fundraiser opportunity was presented for Juniors Restaurant.  We are looking for a
parent volunteer to look into scheduling this night.
4. Recently, 2 of our students tragically lost a parent. The PTO would like to do something for these
students.  Kathy R.  will look into one of Camp Abnaki’s bereavement camps.
The next PTO meeting is Thursday,  February 18th
Submitted by Paula Henry 

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