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Hunt Middle School blog - May 18, 2016

Hunt Middle School - May 18, 2016 

Check out the school website for all important information.
PTO Meeting
Our next and last PTO meeting is tomorrow night in the Hunt Middle School library at 6:30 PM.
IPad notification
If you did not see the letter from our principal, Len Phelan, in your child's backpack, here are some important things to know:
  • All iPads must be returned to the school on June 1st
  • Upon collection, each iPad must be in working condition.
  • Your student must bring in the charger, charging cord and case, also in good working condition.
  • If a school official deems collected iPads or charging equipment to be damaged, and of the damage is intentional or due to negligence, the student will be responsible for the replacement cost:
    • iPad Air2 WiFi & cellular - $600
    • Verizon Case - $20
    • Lightning cable - $7
    • Charging Block - $13
  • Unreturned school iPads will be considered lost/stolen property and will be located using the MDM location system and recovered through local law enforcement procedures.
  • Students who fail to return the iPads to school are responsible for the replacement cost of the device.
  • Additionally, students who do not return their iPads are at risk for not being allowed to participate in end-of-school year activities including: receiving yearbooks, attending field trips, sporting events, our school picnic and or the 8th grade Field Trip. 

Burlington High School Scheduling Update
May 18, 2016
Thank you to all who took the time to share your thoughts and words of encouragement. We are working quickly to develop a course schedule that reflects student needs and wanted to share GOOD NEWS on our progress!
We are in the “Second Stage” of scheduling, with all core subjects complete. The stringent scheduling process and budget savings are allowing us to add sections to accommodate students’ choices.
As we review students’ elective choices, we will make decisions on adding courses in Art, World Languages, (Advanced Level and/or AP), Social Studies (AP) and Math (Algebra and/or Pre-Algebra).
Students will soon start conversations with counselors regarding potential conflicts in their schedules. Please note that students have not received their schedules yet. This is a continuous process and we need to ensure we have covered core subjects before allocating electives.
We will complete all student schedules in a timely manner.
 By taking the approach of adding requested courses to those that are needed, we are able to develop a reasonable course of action. These actions keep us in line with our budget objectives. While the original budget design called for up to 10 FTE position reductions from the High School, we expect to achieve our budget target with substantially less than that, given the adjustments being made. This puts us in a position to add some, if not all, of the above courses. We intend to meet the needs of our students, through an alignment of our financial resources with a fresh perspective and approach to scheduling challenges.
Do not expect continuous course offering adds. We still have to meet our budget goals, in order to not be facing the same situation next year.
Look for the next scheduling update in the first week of June, sooner if possible.
Yaw Obeng
Gluten Free Support Group
We are having our first Generation GF kick-off meeting from 2-4pm on May 21st at the Fletcher Free Library.  
Our goal is to provide a community of support, education, and encouragement; and to instill confidence in our kids as we navigate the gluten-free lifestyle.
We have several social and informational activities in the works such as a pot-luck beach party, cookie decorating, grocery store scavenger hunt, presentation by GF college students, GF product sampling, and nutritionist/physician talks. 
Gluten-Free Kids&Teens - For support, information, and fun!
Join the families at Generation GF Greater Burlington, a new support group for kids and teens (and their families!) who are on a gluten-free diet.
Our first meet-and-greet:
Saturday, May 21st, 2016 ~ 2:00-4:00 pm
Fletcher Free Library (Community Room)
  •  Taste-test GF products (burger/hot dog buns, ice cream cones, graham crackers – just in time for the summer BBQ season!)
  •  Share reviews of your favorite restaurants
  •  Connect with others navigating the gluten-free lifestyle
 - Tracey McVetty, Team Leader
Plant Sale
Next Wednesday, May 25th at the final (Choral ) Concert, the PTO will host our annual plant sale.
This weekend, we will be transpotting all of the donated plants
We'll take those disposable black ones that purchased plants come in, if you have any to spare please.  We are looking for the gallon and half gallon size (not the little 4" pots).
If you have any to donate, please drop them off by the park bench under the large tree in the parking lot green strip, BEFORE this weekend.
Plan to plant your garden with some amazing Hunt plants.
Support are school and make sure to attend our final choral concert of the year the same night.
Here is all the information:
Plant Sale, Bake Sale... and Raffle
( All proceeds benefit the Hunt PTO- all money goes out to Hunt students for enrichment activities, 
teacher grants, 8th grade field trip, 8th grade graduation and much more)

NEXT WEDNESDAY- May 25th- (before, during and after the Hunt Chorus Concert)  

  • Plant Sale starts at 5pm
  • Goodies available at 6:30
  • Buy before the concert while you are waiting...  send your neighbors to shop during the show... finish the night with a delectable goody from the bake sale table...
Plants Available (there may be more varieties not yet listed...):

Red and pink raspberries,  Lilies, irises, Hydrangea bush, Monkshood, Pink tall Phlox, Phlox- Sherwood purple. Blue Thistle, Bee Balm, Gooseneck Loostrife, Black eyed Susan, Cone flower, Rose of Sharon, Trumpet vine, Lily of the valley, hostas and some other.
All just $5 each.


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