Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hunt Middle School PTO Blog - April 9, 2017

Mediation Session to Take Place Next Week

Media Contact: Stephanie Seguino Vice-Chairperson, Burlington School Board of Commissioners 

On Tuesday, April 11, the Burlington School Board will meet with the Burlington Education Association \(the teachers' union) and a mediator in an effort to resolve remaining issues that led to impasse in March. Among the core issues to be discussed are the different positions on operational changes, health care, and what constitutes a sustainable rate of growth in total compensation. 

A summary of the Board's and union's positions moving into mediation can be found on the District's website


Message From Yaw Obeng, Superintendent


This time of year the Superintendent’s Office receives questions about the administrative hiring process and administrator placement for the next school year, like “can I be part of a hiring team?” and “who will my child’s Principal be?”

Hiring and developing leaders is both an art and a science. Investigating the previous process a year ago, parents, administrators, and media spoke about inequities that tookplace. The consensus was to do something different. So last year our District embarked on a new administrative hiring process based on research-based leadership competencies, comments and reflections received from staff and parents from previous hiring processes. Read more...


The Link between Negotiations and Educating Children

Burlington School Board
April 4, 2017

In approaching contract negotiations with employee unions, the School Board is informed by its Mission Statement: “The mission of the Burlington School District is to graduate
students who: value different cultures; engage with the community; communicate effectively; think creatively; skillfully solve problems; and achieve at their highest
academic, intellectual and personal potential.”