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Hunt PTO Update 10/12/13

The Hunt Middle School October newsletter is PACKED with information and now available on the school website.  Enjoy!

Please check it out here:

Families who do not have Internet access can receive a paper copy each month.  Just fill out the form in the front office.

Calendar 2.0 Not sure how many of you made it to the Calendar 2.0 meeting last Wednesday at BHS, but if you weren't able to attend and you don't get the Free Press, word is that there will be no major changes to the school calendar for 2014-15.  Superintendents will be sorting through all the feedback parents provided about the proposed changes. 
Not sure if this proposal will resurface, but it did get me thinking...  My hunch is that if the District had just asked for input on a proposal without the looming calendar change, most would have just ignored it.  Forcing the issue has engaged a lot more families to think about why not all of our students are succeeding at school and what we as a learning community can do to rectify this.  I am a firm believer in the "It takes a village" approach to parenting/schooling and I am happy to be having this discussion.  It is never too late to share your thoughts on education/Calendar 2.0 and how we can meet all students where they are at.  Superintendent Jeanne Collins will always take your comments at  thanks, Kate B.

PTO meeting this coming week - Thursday, October 17th at 6:30 in the library.   Please consider making a commitment to PTO meetings and the role of Secretary -  we could really use your leadership!  Come to the meeting, raise your hand and join our team! 

Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for October 17/18.   You are always welcome and encouraged to schedule a conference to come in and talk about your child and his/her progress, goals and challenges. Conferences can take place on any day, not just October 17/18.  Contact Therese Barcomb at to make an appointment.

Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment if all is going well for your child - you and your child and their teachers are a 
team - think of it as a team meeting to help guide 
your success going forward.

Three self-watering planters were recently
purchased by the Garden Committee!

The garden committee bought 3 self-watering planters to make the area with our benches look more interesting. From our plant/yard sales and some grants (Elk's Club, Rotary Club, Wick & Maddocks and the Boloco night) we have about $2600.- left, which is restricted to the Front Entrance Project. With this money we will be replacing plants, buy mulch and soil if necessary and the seeds for the sunflowers that Ms. Hevey grew in her classroom last spring. We also used some of the money for these planters now and will be buying grasses and flowers for them in the spring. We will be storing the containers inside over the winter.

The Hunt Gardening Committee would also like to give a big thank you to 7th grader Veronica Zentrichova's mother, Dasha, and Hunt alumni Olivia Nadworny and her mother, Bella. Thanks to Dasha, Bella, and Olivia our stone circle garden is now completely mulched and weed-protected for years to come.  This will save us many hours of weeding in the future and keep our front garden looking beautiful.

Don't forget parents and teens: Hunt Garden Committee and PTO always have lots of work to do for those pesky BHS community hours the high schoolers need yearly. Email PTO President Kate Belluche w/questions at

HUNT PTO fundraising committee 
seeks volunteers, donations

Wreath sale coming up in October; we need ‘wreath captains’ to help with sales!  The Hunt PTO needs help with our fundraising committee.Gabriele Baumann, the parent of two children at Hunt, has served as the PTO fundraising chair for the past two years. This year, she is looking for a co-chair, as well as some new committee members.

Our annual goal is to raise $8,000, which the PTO uses to support enrichment for our children, school events and overall capital improvements to the school.
The PTO does this by hosting three primary fundraisers each year, which are:

· Holiday wreath sale (October-November)

· Silent Auction & Pancake Breakfast (March)

· Plant & Yard Sale (end of May)

The money then supports these activities each year:

· School events: Community Harvest Dinner, Burlington School Food Project (the Hunt garden), 6th grade open house, 8th grade graduation;

· Student enrichment: Junior Iron Chef, donation to Hunt Drama Committee, assembly fees (such as anti-bullying speakers or the Chinese acrobats);

· Team activities: Team grants for field trips, bus fees, etc.;

· School improvements: Video equipment, landscaping & front-entrance renovations, stone circle.

We also provide food baskets to our families who are in need.
Do you have an idea? We’d love your fresh energy and creative input. No fundraising experience necessary!
Here’s how you can help:

· Volunteer on the PTO fundraising committee.

· Volunteer as the PTO fundraising co-chair, with Gabriele Baumann.

· Volunteer and/or support the fundraising events.

· Make a direct donation to the PTO (see form at bottom).

For the upcoming wreath sale, we are seeking “wreath captains” to help with sales in October. We will need a second wave of volunteers to help at the end of November with decorating and delivery.
We welcome your participation and support. Donate time or money. We can’t do it without you! Every bit helps. The choice is yours, but please do support your PTO in raising the $8,000 we need to continue bringing our children high quality enrichment programs and fun-filled activities.

Each dollar you give will go directly to the programs the PTO sponsors.

Need another donation form? (or you can just write a note, seal it in an envelope and send your check in to the office - we'll make it work...) Please email Hunt Middle School PTO at

Thank you for supporting our kids, our school 
and our community!

Come enjoy some delicious locally grown food at the
6th Annual Hunt Community Harvest Dinner on 

Thursday, October 24th!

UPDATE:  The Dinner will be held from 5:30 - 7:00 pm so families going to the high school concert can attend.   

Can you help?  If so, please contact Jen Tomczak at 373-2371 or 

              An invite from the Hunt administration to YOU...

Parent Coffee
Principal/Parent Coffee
Friday, November 22nd, 8:10am to 8:55am
Please join Mr. Amato for coffee and tea. Mr. Amato and other Hunt parents will be available for informal conversation focusing on your child's needs/experiences at Hunt. 

Announcing this year’s HMS musical...

West Side Story, produced by Very Merry Theatre and the Hunt Drama Committee

Performances: April 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2014

Auditions: January 28th, 29th and 30th, 2014

Calling all students, staff and family members interested in helping with the production.

Please contact Shireen Hart,, 999-9170, with any questions or to get involved behind the scenes.

Bring in those Box Tops AND Recycle your shoes!!

Don't forget to place your pre-loved shoes, boots, athletic shoes, and sandals into the specially marked box, "ShoeBox Recycling", in the main lobby at Hunt. Shoes should not end up in our overflowing landfills when they can be re-used by others who need them. Our student council gets close to $20 per box too, so keep those shoes coming!! Contact with questions.

Did you know our student council can earn .10 cents for each Box Top For Education that you cut out and bring to school? It really adds up!! Ask your neighbors and relatives to save the BoxTops too!! Place the BoxTops in the specially marked can in Hunt's main office. Contact with questions. Don't know what a BoxTop is?? Just ask Susan or go to

Hunt Middle School also has active Facebook and Twitter accounts, which can be accessed directly from the Hunt website:

Follow Hunt through Facebook and Twitter for real time updates!

Reminder for Sunday, November 3rd, 2013:


Daylight Saving Time ENDS at 2 am on Sunday, November 3rd!

Save the Date!

October 11 - First Dance - 7pm 
October 17-18 - Parent/teacher conferences
October 17 - Early Release - conferences
October 17 - PTO meeting, 6:30-8pm in the library
October 18 - No school
October 24 - Community Harvest Dinner, 5:30 - 7 pm
November 3 - Daylight Savings Time Ends - Turn your clocks
                        BACK on Sunday!
November 22 - Parent Coffee with the Principal, 8:10 am


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