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Hunt PTO Update 11/27/13

Hunt PTO Update,
November 27th, 2013

Dear Parents,

Our wreath fundraiser was again hugely successful this year! A big thanks to all of you who supported the Hunt PTO by purchasing holiday wreaths or by making a generous donation! 

We sold 321 wreaths and we made $4,150 for our PTO! We could not have done it without each and every one of you and are so grateful for your commitment to our school.

The wreaths will be delivered on Dec. 1st, Sunday after Thanksgiving. We need parent volunteers who can help putting ribbons on the wreaths and deliver them.

Some of you have already indicated that they will be available that day. Thank you so much in advance.

Additional support would be appreciated. Please let us know if you are available Sunday afternoon for one or two hours (or more?).

It would be great if you could reply to Gabi Baumann or call 660-9189.

Thanks again for all your support.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hunt PTO and students.

Hunt Middle School PTO

The November PTO meeting has been POSTPONED until 
Thursday, December 5th, in the Hunt Library.

Mark your calendar for the next meeting on 12/5/13 at 6:30 pm in the library.  Come to inform yourself, come to share your ideas and/or concerns - Just Come!  The draft agenda is included at the end of this blog post.
Please support the 2013 HMS Food Drive!

Hunt Winter Concerts, 2013

Please come out to support our talented HUNT musicians at the three winter concerts coming up in December.  

Chorus concert, 7 pm, December 4th
Orchestra concert, 7 pm, December 11th
Band concert, 7 pm, December 18th

Please don't forget to bring your food donations for the Food Drive (above)  and a few dollars to spend at the bake sale in support of the Hunt Drama Program!
Don't forget to save those Box Tops for Education! You will find them on many specially marked packages of foods and products you buy everyday. All proceeds from Box Tops go directly to the Hunt School Student Council. 

Just take these 3 Easy Steps:

1. Cut Box Tops for Education from specially marked packages of products you purchase already.

2. Save these Box Tops in a bag or envelope.

3. Send these Box Tops to school. You or your student can place the Box Tops in the specially marked can in the Hunt main office. 

Can't find the can? Ask Ms. Virun, who can show you. 

Happy Holiday everyone and thanks for saving Box Tops for Education!! 

Making room for new shoes and boots for the holidays? Do you have shoes and boots that you won't wear anymore, but don't want to throw them into the landfills?

Well, have no fear! The Hunt Student Council collects pre-loved shoes and boots and sends them to "Shoe Box Recycling". Want to know what "Shoe Box Recycling" does with your shoes? or a Student Council member.

See the specially marked "Shoe Box" collection receptacle in Hunt's Main lobby and thanks for supporting the Hunt Student Council-who support your kids!!

Hunt Drama Program "Coffee Break' bake sale earns money for Hunt's 2014 Spring Musical

Thanks very much to all the Drama Program members and their parents who baked muffins, cookies and brownies, and to those who sold these delicious baked goods and hot coffee last Sunday, 11/17. Even on a dreary Sunday in November, their hard work managed to earn $372 toward the overall cost of this spring's musical, West Side Story. 

Don't forget: The Hunt Drama Program will be selling baked goods at the chorus and band concerts this winter. See you at the bake sales and at our spring musical!! 

LED Sign Coming to a School Near You! 

Two years ago members of the Hunt PTO took on a project that they believed would be beneficial to the students of Hunt as well as to the community at large. The location of Hunt Middle School is not readily known, indeed, many parents comment that they did not know exactly where Hunt was until their children started school there. To bring more community awareness to both the presence of Hunt and the range of activities taking place at our school, members of the Hunt PTO plan to have a school sign installed on North Avenue. Similar to the LED sign that graces North Avenue in front of Burlington High School (BHS), the Hunt sign will announce events at the school and other important dates connected with the school. The Hunt sign will be the same type of sign as the BHS sign, but it will be smaller and placed near the corner of North Avenue and the one-way street exiting from Hunt, across from Woodbury Road. 

Since September of 2012, the PTO's fundraising committee has raised an extra $11,000 above and beyond the funds needed for regular PTO programs and projects that directly served HMS students. No funds raised for regular PTO activities are being used for the sign. We managed to secure a $2,500 donation from Scott Hammond and Lisa Steele and another $1,500 from Eric Farrell. We increased our fundraising specifically to cover all the costs associated with the sign project, which includes purchasing the sign along with the electrical and site work. Since the key parents involved in this project have students graduating from Hunt in 2014, we need to complete the project this year. 

Many of us at Hunt believe that a commanding and informative sign will help bridge the gap between Hunt Middle School and the community and will contribute to pride in the school, which in turn will benefit the community. If you have any questions regarding our Parent Teacher Organization or the Hunt Sign Project, please feel free to contact Gabi Baumann or Brian Pine.

Save the Date!
  • November 27, 28, and 29 - NO SCHOOL; Thanksgiving Break
  • December 1st - Wreath Delivery!
  • December 4th - Chorus concert, 7 pm
  • December 5th - PTO Meeting at 6:30 in the library
  • December 11th - Orchestra concert, 7 pm
  • December 18th - Band concert, 7 pm

 PTO Meeting

12/5/13, 6:30 pm


  • Welcome and Introductions– Kate Belluche
  • Volunteer secretary for Nov. meeting


What’s on your mind?  Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?


  • Treasurer’s report - 10 min –Brian Pine
  • Principal’s Corner – 10 min - Rich Amato
  • HMS/Community Connection- overview–10 min- Jen Sutton
  • Fundraising Update - 10 min – Gabi Baumann
  • What goes on blog – 5 min – Susan Rutherford
  • Spanish at BHS – 5 min -  Gabi
  • Parent/teacher Conferences – 5 min - Gabi
  • Team/UA Grant Update – 5 min- Kate
  • Misc Issues - Mindfulness Program – Cruz/Montgomery – connected Ms. Cruz with Center for Mindfulness,  Student Achievement Ceremonies- when are teams celebrating?, Sports communication (Hunt committees – parent and/or student input?)  Is PAWS still happening?  Has it been evaluated?

Next Meeting:  Thursday, 12/19/13,  6:30-8pm

 Agenda Items:

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