Greetings All,

As you are now aware our budget was defeated significantly in this week's vote. The disconnect between our growing enrollment and investment in quality programs, with an education funding system that resulted in an anticipated 9.9% tax increase (for a moderate 3.9% budget increase) hit the wall and Burlington voters expressed that they could not afford it any longer.

What are the next steps? We will have six new Board Members beginning in April and this Board will determine if we go back out for a second budget vote, and if so, what shall it be? Ultimately, if we have no approved budget by June 30th, we can spend this year's budget amount plus any additional revenue. This will mean additional reductions of about $2M at the high end.

In the next week, I must prepare a reduction in force list in anticipation of what the Board decides and how we will end up with a spending plan. This likely means there will be many RIFs extended and some positions will likely be recalled this year, but not until late spring. This always causes anxiety and I am very sorry for that. Because of contractual deadlines, we must RIF first and then bring back as revenue is approved through a budget.

I will try to keep you up to speed as to the thinking of the Board. Basically, anything not mandated will be considered for reduction. There is no doubt there will be an impact on the classroom and on programs. Of course, we will also seek non-program reductions as much as possible. We will get through this together. Please hang in there and ask questions as we go through this process. Thank you for your commitment to the children of Burlington.

I wish to thank the following Board Members for their years of service and dedication to Burlington's children as they leave the Board: Kathy Chasan (8 years), Bernie O'Rourke (6 years), Jill Evans (4 years), Rebecca Grimm (3 years), Erin Kranichfeld (2 years), and Linda Deliduka (2 years).

I also wish to welcome the new Board Members who will begin their terms in April: Kyle Dodson (Ward 1), Brian Cina (Ward 2), Charlie Giannoni (Ward 3), Scot Shumski (Ward 4), Stephanie Seguino (Ward 6), and David Kirk (Ward 7).