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Hunt PTO Update 11/2/14

Hey There Hunt Families - Hope you survived the Halloween frenzy- on a Friday night to boot! 

It was brought to my attention that several of the opening remarks I made in the blog last week were not worded as thoughtfully as they could have been and I apologise if you found my remarks biased.  

This blog you read (or don't) each week was created several years ago by the PTO to help keep parents informed about what is going on at school, important events, PTO updates and anything else we choose to dump in here.  While we have tried to make it a collaborative effort and have encouraged many voices, it has panned out to be a one person show for the most part - we are all busy, I get it.  

Because of that, you get whatever I can dig up for you by trolling the website, interrogating my middle schooler, attending PTO meetings and generally being nosy.   Without multiple voices and someone to preview the blog each week, things are likely to stay this way - piecemeal and probably biased at times.  Sorry.  I will try to be more thoughtful in examining how I phrase things.  If you have any interest in contributing to the blog weekly or occasionally with things of interest to Hunt families OR would like to preview the blog before posting, I would be tickled to collaborate.  Email me at the PTO -  thanks, Kate B.

Pay it forward fundraiser  The PTO thanks everybody who already donated money in the first week of the Pay it forward fundraiser - $190 was donated so far! This is a great start!

Due to lack of fundraising volunteers, Pay it forward for HUNT is the only fundraiser we have this year and we encourage every family to donate.  Checks can be sent into the office in an envelope marked for the PTO.  At the end of this post is the full letter and details about what we are able to fund this year and what items are on hold due to lack of funds going forward.  Thanks for your generosity!

Community Harvest Dinner The new date is Thursday, November 13 from 5:30 until 7:00 P.M.

We still need adult volunteers to help serve food, pick up at the end of the event (7), and help at different stations (desserts carts, trash station, beverage station). The dinner is from 5:30-7pm.   Adults will be assigned to a shift so there is time to both work and enjoy the dinner.  If you are coming anyway, why not lend a hand???  Speaking of lending a hand, if you know a Hunt family that might not have transportation to the dinner, might you consider bringing them along?  

To volunteer, contact Deb Anger at

  • November 3 - Afterschool Session 2 begins (if you didn't get a note saying your child didn't get in, then they are in!)
  • November 4 - Election Day - Don't forget to vote - bring your kids along for a quick civics lesson! 
  • November 7 - Report Cards go Home
  • November 14 - Hunt Dance - 7-9pm
  • November 17 - Bus Riders need a Bus Pass or pay per ride
  • November 20 - PTO Meeting 6:30-8pm
  • November 26-28 - Thanksgiving Break - No School

Pay It Forward for HUNT

Would you pay ONLY .50cents/week to help make the following amazing events, enrichment and activities happen at Hunt

• School events: Community Harvest Dinner, The Hunt Gardens, 6th grade open house, 8th grade graduation

• Student enrichment: Junior Iron Chef, Hunt Play, Assembly Fees (such as anti-bullying speakers or the Chinese Acrobats)

• Team activities: Team grants for field trips, bus fees, etc.

• School Improvements - Examples of completed school improvements 2013/14 include- Video equipment,landscaping & front-entrance renovations, stone circle.

That is all it would take!! If .50cents/week/student is paid for the 40 weeks of school, we could accomplish all of the above.

We need $8000 to make this happen. There are 400 students at Hunt. That equals $20/student for the year or .50cents/week.

$20/year - That’s just one less time a year eating out, or 1 less pack of gum a week, or a few less coffees a month.

You can send in the $20 all at once or pay a few dollars each month, or any amount that works for you. Whatever method works best for you, is greatly appreciated and utilized by our students and staff!!

The PTO raises $8,000 annually to support activities outside the school’s budget, as listed above. Our goal is to supplement and strengthen the curriculum offered by the school’s faculty, staff and administration to the benefit of all of our students.

Typically we do that by hosting three primary fundraisers each year, which are:

• Holiday wreath sale (October-November)

• Silent Auction & Pancake Breakfast (March)

• Plant & Yard Sale (end of May)

HOWEVER, This year the Fundraising Chair position is still vacant. So, as of now our biggest fundraiser is The Pay It Forward campaign. Unfortunately, due to the lack of leadership, we have had to cancel the Annual Wreath Sale, which typically generates $4200. That’s 1⁄2 our budget that we no longer have. Thus, we had to pare down the things that the PTO can help support. On the back of this letter is the budget and the things we, at this point, can’t commit to. We are hoping to get enough people together to continue to offer the Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction, as it is a fabulous community builder

We would love if all families contributed to the Pay It Forward. Every bit helps. Please help support your PTO in raising the $8,000. We need to continue bringing our children high quality enrichment programs and fun-filled activities. (Read more at the PTO blog:

If you are interested in becoming part of the fundraising team at Hunt, we welcome your participation and support. Please contact Tammy Kuypers at We can’t do it without you!

Each dollar you give will go directly to supporting the students at Hunt Middle School.

Please send your tax-deductible donation made out to Hunt Middle School PTO, to your student’s classroom teacher, the front office or via mail to Hunt Middle School PTO, 1364 North Ave., Burlington, VT

The Hunt Middle School PTO is a recognized 501c (3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible. A receipt is available upon request. In addition, many companies will provide a dollar-to-dollar match. Check with your human resources department for their policy. Every dollar counts.

See Finance Report below to see which items do not currently have funding
Hunt PTO Finance Report 2014-15

Checkbook balance 10/8/2014$15,444.37$15,444.37
Restricted Funds
Carryover for Entrance Project$2,011.73$1,797.03
Entrance Project 2014/15-included above$600.00$214.70
Bullying Assembly from 2013/14$200.00$200.00
Healthy city garden grant$1,500.00$0.00
Hunt Athletics$2,500.00$0.00
Team Nova grant$1,000.00$0.00
Team Synergy grant$1,000.00$0.00
Team Oasis grant$1,000.00$0.00
Team Phoenix leftover grant$200.00$0.00
West side story PTO donation$400.00$0.00
Hunt store - Ms Daigle$200.00$0.00
Minimum balance to keep in the account$2,000.00$2,000.00
Total Restricted Funds$12,011.73$12,011.73
Unrestricted balance$3,432.64$3,432.64
Harvest Dinner donations$300.00$0.00
Donations from annual appeal$350.00$0.00
Plant Sale$0.000.00
Yard Sale$0.000.00
Silent Auction$3,750.00$0.00
Wreath Sale Profit$0.00$0.00
Pancake Breakfast$450.00$0.00
Total Income$4,850.00$0.00
Total Income plus Unrestricted$8,282.64$3,432.64
Assembly Fees$1,200.00$0.00
Harvest Dinner$1,000.00$0.00
Graduation 2014$400.00$0.00
Iron Chef$400.00$0.00
Bullying Assembly (2015)$200.00$0.00
Special Projects (paint for lockers)$400.00$434.00
Expenses Subtotal$3,600.00$434.00
Expenses Unable to finance w/o fundraising
6th Grade Orientation Social$100.00$0.00
8th Grade Field Trip$200.00$0.00
International Taste Test$0.00$0.00
Team Funds$2,000.00$0.00
Family Traditions Dinner$0.00$0.00
Healthy City Garden$0.00$0.00
Intergenerational Service Project$0.00$0.00
Food Baskets$0.00$0.00
Hunt Drama Program$400.00$0.00
Staff appreciation$70.00$0.00
Total Expenses$6,370.00$434.00
Income over expenses$1,912.64$2,998.64
Total with no fundraising 2014/15-$2,937.36
Highlighted yellow - Jen Sutton community outreach projects

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