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Hunt Middle School - October 2, 2016

Hunt Blog - October 2, 2016

Board & BEA Teachers Union Update

PTO Leaders Letter to the School Board & the BEA

On September 23rd, several BSD PTO leaders met with school board commissioners Mark Barlow and Ann Judson regarding the situation with the teacher’s contract. As you are likely aware, the ball is in the teacher's court.  They may vote to accept the contract "imposed" by the board (to which they have not agreed) or they may vote to strike. There are a lot of different perspectives and feelings about this situation and we do not intend to try to influence the negotiations in favor of either party.  We did however agree that it is in the best interest of the district, the teachers, the students and the community to avoid a strike. 

All present agreed that a swift resolution of the problem without resorting to strike is imperative.   The difficulty is that, at this time, there are no more negotiations planned.  It is our hope that, as PTO leaders, we may be able to influence the process by requesting that both parties return to the table.
We have penned a simple request to both the board and the teacher's union requesting that they return to the table.  It is our hope that this mild pressure from the community will give each group the impetus to return to negotiations without appearing to acquiesce to the other.
If you would like to see the two parties continue to negotiate, please add your name and school to the below Google doc.

Press Release from the Burlington School District Superintendent, Yaw Obeng
On September 28, this press release was provided to the PTO by the Burlington School District Superintendent for parents.
Here is the link to the Press Release:

Note from the BEA Outreach Committee

Also on September 28, the PTO received the following from the BEA outreach committee. They have given us permission to post on our blog. 

Dear PTO Leaders,
Thank you for the work you do to enrich the learning opportunities and experiences of all Burlington children.  
We also appreciate your efforts to return the Burlington School Board and Burlington Educators to the bargaining table.  Please note, we never left the table! 
We too have heard from various school board members that the board is waiting for a "formal invitation" to return to the table. This is curious.  

On Tuesday, September 20,  the teachers unanimously voted to reject  the board’s imposition. This rejection was formally presented to the Finance Committee immediately following the vote. 

At that time, we implored the board to rescind the imposition, return to the table, and bargain a contract for the current year.  The teachers’ demands to reopen talks were met with a solid “no” from the board chairman.  

We understood Mark Porter to speak for the School Board.  Regardless, more "formal" communication, if not public, has been presented as well. 
Please know that at every turn, the teachers have made it clear that the recently issued report of a neutral fact-finder offers a clear path to a settlement, one the teachers are eager to take.

Indeed, when the board walked away from the table on Sept. 14 and imposed on Sept. 15, they had under consideration the teachers' offer to accept the fact-finders report in full.

The teachers are willing to continue negotiating, guided by the fact-finder’s recommendations. 
We would welcome the opportunity to speak with your PTO.  Please contact us at to make this happen.  
Again, thank you for investing in this good work.
BEA Outreach Committee
From the BSD Home page, here is a link to the Itemized Line-Item Budget - 9/30


The PTO really needs a Treasurer.

If you have the desire to help out, you could make a difference!

Email us at


Our Annual Fall Harvest Dinner Approaches!
Did you know about the Harvest Festival coming up soon at our school?   

Thursday October 27th!

This has always been a great community event with parents and students welcome. Great food, wonderful music and everyone being involved. If you haven't attended before, you are going to love this event. If you're new to the school and would like to meet some new people & help out, let us know via email.
We need help setting up, serving meals, & handing out ice cream.
This would be a great way to meet the teachers in a casual setting along with parents of your students.
The food is wonderful and the kids put a lot of work decorating for this night each year.
We hope you'll join us. Put it on your calendar now!

Hunt T-Shirts 
Thanks to everyone who ordered a shirt through the pre-order forms.
We received over 50 newly designed, eye-catching Hunt Middle School t-shirt orders! 
We also ordered 50 more, which will be here in approximately 2 weeks. 
At that time, everyone will have an opportunity to purchase one. 
Watch for more details! 
We will be selling them at the Oct 27 Harvest dinner.

This is a good opportunity to support Hunt Middle School and show some school spirit.
Drama Club Presents:
WILLY WONKA & The Chocolate Factory
Save the date for an upcoming Hunt Drama Program Production Meeting!
Are you interested in learning more about Hunt Drama Program's spring production of "Willy Wonka"?  
Please come to our fall production meeting on Wednesday, October 19th at 6:30pm in the Hunt Middle School library.
Planning for the annual musical begins months in advance and we welcome all parents who are interested in helping to support the production. 
At the fall meeting, we will be recruiting volunteers and
setting fundraising goals.


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