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Hunt PTO Update 2/20/12

Hey There Hunt Families - Hang in there - just this week and then it's Winter break!  Have a great week and a relaxing break.  Kate

Minutes from the February PTO meeting are included
at the end of this post - Thanks Susan!

Please check out the work some Hunt students are doing which is published on RETN.  Doug Wilhelm is the local author of "The Revealers", which is part of the 6th grade curriculum.
Short recording

An example of a student Newscast.

The February PTO Treasurer's Report is now available for your perusal.  Click on the link below to take a look :

Town Meeting Day is Tuesday, March 6th, but you don't have to wait for Election Day to vote! Please exercise your right and privilege to vote!
Vote Early at City Hall:
8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri (closed Monday, January 20th).
9 am-noon on Saturday, March 3rd
8am-7:30pm on Monday, March 5th

If you are a registered voter in Burlington, you can walk into the Clerk's office and vote--no ID required.

If want to register to vote in the March 6th election, the deadline is Wednesday, February 29th. City Hall Clerk's Office

Vote by Mail:
Absentee ballot request form can be found at

Request must be in to City Hall by Friday, March 2nd.

Vote on Town Meeting Day--Tuesday, March 6th: Polls are open 7am-7pm.
These are some great options for busy families. A sick kid, a snowstorm, a trip to see relatives--there are lots of things that can keep you from getting to the polls on March 6th. Avoid the unavoidable and vote early or absentee.

Hunt Library Evening Hours for Families 5-7pm on Thursdays starting March 8 - May 17.  (not open 4/26)  The School Family partnership committee is sponsoring this event.  Parents and families are encouraged to come use the library every Thursday from 5-7pm.  Families will be able to read, check out books and use the computers/internet.  See what our library has to offer! 

Save the Date....
  • February 27-March 6 - Winter Break
  • March 6 - No school - Town Meeting Day - Vote for a new mayor and the School Budget! PTO/Play Committee Bake sale at Miller Center - goodies and lunch items!
  • March 8- May 17 - Hunt Library Evening Hours for Families 5-7pm
  • March 15 - PTO meeting in Library - 7-8pm, childcare provided
  • March 17 - Hunt Pancake Breakfast/Silent Auction Fundraiser
  • March 23, 24 - JJ Flynn Theatre presents Narnia - Friday 7pm, Sat 4pm
  • March 24 - Junior Iron Chef 9:30-3:30 - Champlain Valley Expo
  • March 24 - Set building day for Grease - all day...
  • March 25 - Tech Dress Rehearsal for Grease - All Cast
  • March 29-31 - Grease - Th- school show, Friday 7pm, Sat 4pm

Hunt PTO Minutes

Kate Belluche
Amy Harraden
Brian Pine
Ann Arcovitch
Susan Rutherford
Jon and Tammy Kuypers
Gabi Baumann
Siobhan Donegan
Kim Hunt
Jennifer Sutton
Marcie Lewis

Meeting run by Kate Belluche in place of Helen Hossley who is at Burlington Friends of Education meeting. Notes taken by Susan Rutherford & John Kuypers in place of Kate Belluche

Treasurer Report - Brian Pine
Food service will be tightening up. They have been giving us breaks over the years in terms of how much we were charged for events like community dinner but this will have to change now due to budget constraints. For graduation, 2011, the PTO portion of the bill was $600.00, but Jennifer Sutton negotiated the bill down to $250.00. Marcie Lewis, principal, will pay for this bill. What about the community dinner bill for 2011? Brian & Jen S. will ask Doug Davis for this bill now and ask that the PTO be given bills sooner for now on.

Principal’s corner: Marcie Lewis
Family School Night-need for volunteers. This is an evening designed to encourage more involvement from parents who do not regularly or who have never been seen at school wide events and for those families who this type of evening would make a difference in their lives. Volunteers are needed for food serving, curriculum stations, taking families around to the different stations, working on arts and crafts. The event will be held at Hunt on April 11, 2012 from 5-7pm, and be an invitation only event. Dinner will be served. Tammy and John Kuypers volunteered and many more volunteers are needed. Rich Nadworny is coordinating the food for this event. If you offer to volunteer, there will be childcare for your children. Forty families will be invited.

International Week: April 16-20th This is a Hunt only event in its 8th year. Student performances, a parade and cooking with taste tests. There will also be a heritage potluck dinner. The heritage dinner is run by the School Family Partnership on 4/19/12, the same night as a Hunt PTO meeting, from 5:30-7pm so parents can attend dinner and then go to the PTO meeting afterward. The planning event for the heritage dinner is on 3/15/12 at 6pm at Hunt. There is a need for volunteers and a lead is needed for this event. If you are able to volunteer contact Siobhan Donegan.

School Climate: Gabi Baumann spoke about her recent work on renovation of the entrance way to Hunt. There is only $500 at this time allocated. Gabi spoke with an architect who suggested painting and gave her ideas on that.

Hunt Family School Partnerships: The library will be open for Evening Library Hours, every Thursday, from 3/8-5/17 from 5-7pm for computer access and check out books. Michelle Virun will be in the library during this time. These Thursday library evening hours will NOT be open during April school break.

Sports communication: Meeting with Wayne Pecor on transportation, budgeting for buses, communication with parents. Some parents suggested that they do not know what spring sports are available at Hunt since only the kids are given this information at school. Marcie Lewis will email the list to the parents.

Update on Grease by Kim Hunt: Roles have been given to the kids. Finding rooms for rehearsal is still continuing to be a challenge. Fundraising for the play needs a lead; there are parents who have so far organized a dance and a bake sale being split with the PTO fundraising group is coming up on March 6th at the Miller Center, other parents have agreed to lead dinners before the play. Play bill ads are being sold but more assistance is needed on this. Kim says rehearsals are going well. Discussions about taking photos of the kids in the play to put in the hallways in frames as a way to advertise the drama committee at Hunt. The play will be held on March 29 during the day, March 30th at 7pm and March 31st at 4pm.

Communications Board Gabi Baumann, fundraising chair, discussed progress on the possible communications board for Hunt. She met with the planning board/zoning office for a permit to put up a communications board. Gabi learned that this would require a change of ordinance since at this time no schools are allowed to put up signs on North Ave. There will be a public forum to present the case to the planning committee to change the ordinance and Gabi would like some parents to be present for this on March 13th. Gabi will let us know when the time for this is on the March Hunt blog.

Fundraising: Gabi Baumann, Susan Rutherford and Tammy Kuypers, fundraising committee for the PTO, are organizing the Pancake Breakfast/Silent Auction for March 17th. Gabi reports that so far the committee and other parents have collected 60 donations from local businesses and expect to get 100 by the event. The committee is hoping for 300 people in total to attend the breakfast and the auction throughout the morning from 8:30am-11:30am. Numerous volunteers will be needed to make this event a success and should contact anyone from the committee for this. Gabi also states that she would like to see teacher involvement in this event and Marcie offers her help for a possible "Be a principal for the day" type auction item. Teachers can help by offering experiential auction items with any teacher who is experienced in a certain area.

8th grade graduation was discussed. Parents are needed to set a meeting date to discuss what this event will look like this year. It was suggested that 8th grade parents should meet to discuss what they would like this year and then ask the 7th grade parents to volunteer to help at the actual graduation event so that the 8th grade parents can enjoy the event.

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